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Why You Should Consider Our Stamped Concrete Services

Elegant Concrete Designs One Stamp at a Time

Traditional pavers can take a long time to install and they can be quite costly. Stamped concrete can be installed rather quickly and can be made to look like traditional pavers.  We can even customize the colors and the pattern of your stamped concrete to create a unique design for your home.  

Our stamped concrete in St. Paul can be completed within about three days, depending on the complexity of the job.  We work quickly and efficiently to have your curb appeal looking stunning in no time.  

Contact one of our friendly stamped concrete experts today to learn more about our designs and to get your free estimate for our service. 

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Our Extraordinary Stamped Concrete Services in St. Paul

Wood Graining Stamped Concrete Patterns That Look Like the Real Thing!

If you are a homeowner with a front porch made of wood, you may be dreading the upkeep on it. While they do create a rustic cozy feel, they can become structurally damaged, look worn or faded, develop wood rot, and make your home a tasty treat for termites.  

We can create a beautiful front porch design for your home that looks so much like wood that neither you nor your guests will be able to tell the difference.  Do you want the same look as wood porches minus the wood? Consider getting our wood stamped concrete.  Contact one of our knowledgeable consultants today for a free estimate. 

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Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal With Slate

Slate is an exceptional stone to use for pathways and driveways.  They are quite beautiful and give your property a regal distinction. Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive to install. What's worse, they can be just as pricey to maintain.  Slate stones can crack around the edges which can become a trip hazard for you and your guests.  

Our professional design team can create the elegance of slate stones without the hazards that come with them.  What you will get is a stamped concrete stone pathway or driveway that is unique to your design tastes and easy to maintain.  Are you ready to switch over to a stamped concrete slate design? One of our friendly experts is ready to assist you with your new design and offer you a free quote on your services. 

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Our Team Installs Classic Brick Patterns Without The Hassle

Something about brick gives your patios and walkways a classic touch that is breathtaking.  The red color of the brick draws attention to your home and the quality of the brick installation is quite alluring to observe. Unfortunately, like slate, brick pavers can break, too, causing trip hazards for your guests.  Maintenance on them can be quite pricey also.

You will be happy to learn that we can give you the same eloquence and color of brick without the problems.  We can also seal your stamped concrete brick pattern to keep it from looking dull over time.  Are you ready for your new stamped concrete brick pattern? Contact us today for more information and for your free quote. 

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We Create Durable Flagstone Patterns With Stamped Concrete

Flagstone is an alluring pattern.  It is intentionally uneven but juxtaposed with other smaller and larger flagstones, it creates a rhythmic pattern that is sure to please you and your guest. Flagstone is prone to chipping and cracking, however.  This stone can also be quite slippery if you want to use it for your pool deck. Besides these disadvantages, flagstone is quite costly to install and equally expensive to maintain.  

Do you want the same ornate beauty as flagstone minus the costs and the headaches? Take a look at our blog to get your creativity in motion. Then, call one of our delightful, knowledgeable team members to learn more and to get your free quote on our services. 

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Making Stone Even More Cost-Effective With Our Stamped Concrete Designs

Stone is such a delightful, durable form of landscaping.  It has been used since antiquity to make gardens look more balanced and to make streets and pathways more organized and passable.  Although stone has many pros, it can have quite a few cons.  For one, they can be more expensive because they are natural.  Another thing, natural stone tends to be more porous, leaving the stone more susceptible to water stains and stains in general, particularly if it is not sealed.  

St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs can provide you with stone patterns that are less expensive to install and maintain than traditional stones. Visit our blog to learn more about your stamped concrete options and then call to get a free quote. 

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Get a Gorgeous Paver Design in Less Time

Pavers are quite beautiful and require a high level of patience and accuracy during the installation process.  It can take nearly a week for a team to install pavers in your driveway or patio. If you have a lot of square feet to cover, it could take even longer.  So you are looking at a week or more of not having access to your driveway, walkway, or patio.

Would you like a quicker, more durable option?  In about three days, our team can give you the look and feel of pavers. Contact St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs for your free consultation and quote. 

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The stamped concrete in St. Paul we had designed and installed by St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs is one that our friends and neighbors can't stop talking about. It's gorgeous, the contractors were friendly and efficient, and the price was right. Call this company if you're looking for the best in stamped concrete services!
- Eric Taylor

Our St. Paul Service Areas

St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs has delivered top-notch services in the local area for 20 years.  We have provided the residents of St. Paul and the surrounding cities of Arden Hills, St. Anthony, and Woodbury with outstanding stamped concrete designs and we'd like to do the same for you.  Contact one of our friendly contractors today for a free quote on our unique designs for your patio, driveway, pool decks and walkways anywhere throughout our service areas

St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs Does it ALL!

Have you heard about the luxurious stamped concrete designs available in St. Paul? Slate, granite, marble, wood, brick, and flagstone are just a few of our selections. Create an entirely new outdoor space or surface that looks like the real thing for a fraction of the price.  Call us at (651) 299-6618
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