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The stamped concrete in St. Paul we had designed and installed by St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs is one that our friends and neighbors can't stop talking about. It's gorgeous, the contractors were friendly and efficient, and the price was right. Call this company if you're looking for the best in stamped concrete services!
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Excellent service and Beautiful designs each time

Why Customers Choose Us for Stamped Concrete in St. Paul

What Are The Benefits Of Our Services

Our contractors provide free inspections and free estimates on stamped concrete in St. Paul
We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
Our team of experts work with you to determine the best design for your landscape

Why Our Customers Love Our Stamped Concrete

We provide gorgeous traditional and customized designs
Our quality and customer service is bar none
We install stamped concrete designs in a short time, unlike traditional paver installation

What Makes Our Business A Cut Above The Rest

After each job our customers provide us with a top rating on popular review sites
Our skilled contractors provide top-notch quality down to the smallest detail
Our stamped concrete is installed quickly and efficiently for your convenience 

About Our St. Paul Stamped Concrete Contractors

St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs provides customers with creative, cost-effective landscaping solutions.  Our team of highly skilled contractors is able to install designs that look like traditional hardscapes like flagstone, slate, and brick.  We are also able to transform the look of your walkways, patios, driveways, floors, walls, and more.  Our expert team can also provide you with designs customized to suit your design tastes.  We are able to upgrade most customers' landscapes within a few days. 

For 20 years, we have provided services to customers in North and South St. Paul, Arden Hills, St. Anthony, and Woodbury.  Our phenomenal customer service and attention to detail have helped us gain our 5-star rating consistently on top review sites.  

Are you ready to have our stamped concrete in St. Paul at your home?  Contact our stamped concrete company today for a free inspection and quote on our stamped concrete services in and around St. Paul. 

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We Transform Your Landscape in No Time

Our EASY Decorative Concrete Process

Unlike traditional pavers that can take weeks to install, we can get most of our projects done within about three days.  Our process is simple and easy and we can get you back to enjoying your home in a short time. 

Step 1.


Our services start with inspecting the area of your landscape that you want to have upgraded. Once we determine what needs to be done and the square feet of the area, we provide you with a FREE estimate of the services.
Step 2.


Although our team works quickly and efficiently on most jobs, we still must plan the tasks in a detailed manner.  We have to decide the best days to do the tasks according to many factors, including your schedule and the weather. 
Step 3.


Even though our installation is much quicker than traditional paver installation, it is still extremely detailed.  Our team must work with great precision so that your designs are flawless. 
Get a traditional design or one custom to your design tastes

A Variety Of Patterns for Stamped Concrete in St. Paul

One of the great things about stamped concrete is that it is not limited to design patterns like traditional pavers. We can provide you traditional designs and patterns, or we can work with you to create a unique design for your home. 

Stone Stamped Concrete

Stone is very elegant and natural.  It comes in a variety of shapes and tones. We can imitate the timeless beauty of stone and provide you with more color and pattern options with our stamped concrete designs. 

Wood Stamped Concrete

Wood can be a great decorative element for your porch or patio.  However, maintaining it can be quite overwhelming and expensive.  We can recreate wood patterns with our wood-stamped concrete design and the only maintenance you have to worry about is sealing it every two years.

Paver Stamped Concrete

Traditional pavers are beautiful.  However, they can take a long time to install and they can be a hassle to maintain.  Occasionally the pavers may break and grass and moss may grow on them.  We can recreate the look of pavers without the problems associated with maintaining them. 

Flagstone Concrete

Flagstone is an elegant design, perfect for any patio, pool deck, or walkway.  Unfortunately, traditional flagstone can be quite slippery and can be quite hazardous, especially if you install it near a pool.  Our stamped concrete design is a much safer option. 

Brick Stamped Concrete

Brick is a very gorgeous enhancement for your home's landscape.  It looks great in your driveway, walkways, patios, and even as dividing walls. Unfortunately, brick can erode and make your landscape look unkempt.  Our stamped concrete contractors can create brick designs complete with the terra cotta color that looks great for many years to come. 

Slate Stamped Concrete

Slate is a very elegant stone, especially for patios.  However, it is prone to chipping which can make your slate a trip hazard for guests.  We can recreate the look of slate with our stamped concrete and even customize it for you and you never have to worry about the stones chipping.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stamped concrete is a relatively quick and easy installation.  Our team pours the concrete, mixes in the color, and shapes the concrete to a design of your liking. Despite this easy process, you still may have questions about our services.  Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. 

Is stamped concrete only for outdoors?

No. We can install stamped concrete within your home, too. Many customers utilize our stamped concrete services to transform the look of their basements. 

How long does it take to install stamped concrete?

Each job is different because it depends on how much area we must stamp and other factors.  However, it generally takes three to four days on most average jobs. 

Do you only install stamped concrete on ground surfaces?

Most of our stamped concrete is installed on ground surfaces such as pool decks, driveways, walkways, and patios.  However, we also offer stamped concrete walls and firepits. 

More About Our Stamped Concrete Services in St. Paul

St. Paul Stamped Concrete Designs has served the community of St. Paul and the surrounding communities of Arden Hills, St. Anthony, and Woodbury for 20 years. We consistently receive 5-star ratings for our excellent customer service and our spectacular finishes of stamped concrete in St. Paul designs.  Here is more about the top-notch services we provide in St. Paul. 

Excite Your Guests With Our Patio Stamped Concrete

Has your patio become so uninviting and uninspiring that neither you nor your guests spend time in the backyard anymore?  We can change that with our 5-star stamped concrete patio services.  Our team of contractors will work diligently to make your patio beautiful again. Want a different color than grey? We also offer colored concrete to fit any design aesthetic.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your space with our stamped concrete patio in Saint Paul.  We will also schedule your free inspection and free quote for your stamped concrete project. 
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stamped concrete patios in St. Paul, MN
spreading concrete before stamping concrete St. Paul

Improve The Curb Appeal of Your Driveway With Our Stamped Concrete in St. Paul

Are you tired of pulling into a driveway filled with oil stains and cracks that get worse every time you drive over them? You don't have to settle for this anymore. As a matter of fact, you don't have to settle for an ordinary driveway anymore.  Our highly skilled team of contractors can transform your driveway into one that you'd love to pull into with our concrete driveways.

If you want to transform the look of your dated, oily driveways, contact our friendly experts today about installing a stamped concrete driveway in St. Paul and get your free estimate.

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Get Inpsired With Our Decorative Concrete Pool Decks

Pool areas aren't areas just for swimming.  Sometimes you want to sunbathe and get a breath of fresh air.  Simply sitting near the pool may inspire you to write your next novel or help you come up with a creative idea that may get a big promotion at work.  However, if your pool area is not beautiful or creative, then you won't be inspired to do anything but stay inside.

Your pool decks no longer have to be drab and boring.  We can transform it into a glamorous retreat with stamped concrete pool decks.  Contact us today to learn more about getting our stamped concrete pool decks in St. Paul and get your free quote. 
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stamped concrete pool area in St. Paul, MN
st paul stamped concrete sidewalk

Make the Walk To Your Front Door Safer and Aesthetically Pleasing With Our Stamped Concrete Walkways

Traditional paved walkways are breathtaking but they can be quite pricey to install and maintain.  Not only this, traditional pavers like brick, flagstone, or slate can chip or break, creating a trip hazard for you or your guest. 

Taking a stroll up your walkway doesn't have to be hazardous.  Get our stamped concrete walkways and have a much safer path to your front door.  Contact us today for more info on our stamped concrete walkways in St. Paul and to get your free estimate. 

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Transform The Look of Your Basement With Our Stamped Concrete Flooring

The days of drab slabs of concrete for basement floors are over! We can transform your dry, dull basement floor with a stamped concrete floor design that will get you excited about taking a trip down to your basement more often than you currently do.

Don't have to settle for ordinary basement floors.  Our concrete contractors can transform your indoor floors with an exciting wood or slate stamped concrete design.  Contact us to learn more and to get your free quote on a concrete project.
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concrete staining in St. Paul, MN
stamped concrete patio with fire pit in St. Paul

Entertain in Style With Stamped Concrete Backyard Areas in St. Paul

One of the best places to entertain can be your backyard. However, if your hardscapes are overgrown with moss and plant life and it looks like a ghost town in your backyard, it can be quite hard to have a spectacular barbecue for your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Not only will your meat be sizzling on the grill but we can also make your backyard sizzle with one of our traditional or customized stamped concrete designs.  Contact us today for your free quote on backyard stamped concrete patio services in St. Paul. 

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Get Started with Stamped Concrete - St. Paul & Surrounding Minnesota Areas

Although we service many customers in the greater St. Paul area, this is not the only area we serve.  We have several locations through the metro St. Paul area that we serve, including Arden Hills, St. Anthony, and Woodbury.  Want to know if we provide stamped concrete services in your area? Contact us today to find out and to get your free quote.

North St. Paul
Arden Hills
South St. Paul
St. Anthony
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We install stamped concrete in St. Paul at a fraction of the cost of traditional pavers.

Do you want beautiful stone, slate, or flagstone designs for your patio, pool deck, or walkways in St. Paul but don't want to pay the exorbitant prices? Contact us about a much more durable and cost-effective solution and get your free quote on our quality services. 
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